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Maintenance Tips You Should Know for Your Newly Bought Kitchen Hood

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If you have ever purchased a brand-new range hood, you should know that there are a lot of different settings that come with many different sizes. One good rule to buying one is to ensure that the vent hood should cover at least half of the burner. As a matter of fact, it must extend along the side of your entire range. 

How to Clean Your Range Hood 

This procedure is very easy. However, you should make sure that you have the device turned off as well as the stovetop is not turned on or hot. a household degreaser or cleaning spray will be great for a regular clean-up. Keep in mind that you should never use an abrasive variety of cleaning agents or device to avoid damaging your range hood. In addition to that, you should not spray the cleaning solution onto your light bulb or any of your electrical appliances as well. 

Cleaning the Vent 

Check the vent that leads from your range hood to outside regularly. Sometimes, grease can build up in the vent, impairing functionality and posing a risk for a potential fire hazard. It is very important to call and hire a professional and highly reputable cleaning service provider like hood cleaners Charlotte as early as possible to properly do the tasks for you if the grease is already accumulating in this part of the vent. 

Replacing the Motor or Cleaning the Fan 

The fan motor or the blower is basically durable and strong which it will no longer need maintenance however, you should still inspect every part of the vent hood when you perform regular check-ups. Usually, the bearings or even the motor itself can suffer excessive greasing and moisture, and will not operate properly. A definite indication of this is when the motor is already producing noisy sounds. Nonetheless, it’s the blower wheel which has dirt and grease buildup. You can remove this portion as well as clean it with an ordinary degreaser. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you will likely be needing to get your motor replaced with a new one. 


A great way to test your vent on your appliance is to cut a little square of a newspaper and then, hold it over your vent. If the square newspaper is being sucked up and held above, the vent hood is all fine. All specific models of range hood differ from one another. If you’re having a hard time diagnosing problems on your own, you may try to determine the specific model number of your device. This way, you will find details about common issues which will happen with that particular model.  

Preventative Measures 

The final tip for maintaining a range hood focuses on stopping the problems before they actually occur. In order to prolong the life of your range hood, the owner must clean the fan blades regularly to prevent accumulation of grease and dirt. This will also help keep the motor from overheating and avoid excess stress on it. 


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